Apple Reveals Spotify Pays App Store Fee for Only 0.5% of its Paid Members

In response to Spotify’s complaint to Europe’s antitrust watchdog earlier this year claiming that Apple is abusing the power of the App Store to stifle rivals, the Cupertino tech giant has revealed that Spotify pays Apple 15% App Store fee for only about 0.5% of its paid members (via CNET).


According to Apple, Spotify opted out of its in-app payment system back in 2016 saying it believed the 30% fees associated with it were unfair. Apple has revealed that Spotify isn’t currently paying the top fee of 30% on any of its members and that it is paying the lower rate of 15% for only about 0.5% of its premium-tier members which comes to around 680,000 subscribers.

Apple’s response also highlights the fact that Spotify continues to grow and add new subscribers even under the current App Store policies. 

Because Spotify pulled out of in-app purchases in 2016, it no longer acquires any new customers through its iPhone or iPad apps. That’s why it’s paying a 15% fee to Apple — the 30% fee drops to 15% after the first year of a subscription, and Spotify’s members acquired through an iOS app have long since passed that one-year point. 

If Spotify were to resume in-app purchases and let listeners sign up to be paid members in its app, any of those new members would be subject to the 30% fee.

Spotify has declined to issue a comment regarding the matter.