Apple Shares ‘Everyday Experiments’ Shot on iPhone 12 [VIDEO]

Everyday experiments iphone 12

Apple’s latest video showcases ‘Everyday Experiments’, shot on iPhone 12.

“All it takes is the #iPhone12 and a different perspective to turn the everyday into something extraordinary,” says the commissioned video, again made by Donghoon J. and James T. of Incite.

00:22 Balloons + Slo-mo
Learn how to create mesmerizing blobs of color with:
– Party balloons
– Water
– Colorful paper
– Slo-mo on iPhone 12

01:40 Oil + Water + Macro
See how easy it is to create psychedelic liquid formations using:
– Glass bottle
– Water
– Food dye
– Baby oil
– Dolby Vision on iPhone 12

03:00 Glow-sticks + Night mode
Or turn night time into your creative canvas and paint with:
– Glow sticks
– String lights
– Tripod
– Night mode + Night mode Time-lapse on iPhone 12

“Try these simple experiments yourself, or use them as inspiration to create incredible visuals from the stuff you already have in the cupboard,” says Apple.