Apple Should Consider Discontinuing These 6 Products in 2022

The folks over at Macworld have published an interesting article highlighting at least six Apple products the company needs to stop selling this year, as they believe they either “make no sense” or have just “become irrelevant” in 2022.

Ipod touch 2 jpg

1. iPod Touch

Even the latest seventh-gen iPod touch has now become obsolete. While the product’s tagline may still be “Fun at full speed,” its 4-inch display, A10 chip, and 1.2MP FaceTime camera are far from what we need in 2022. 

Apple tv siri remote 2020 jpg

2. Apple TV HD

With Apple TV 4K already deemed one of the best streaming devices in the market, there is no need for Apple to continue selling the Apple TV HD. It costs three times more than a 4K streaming stick and hasn’t had a processor update since 2015.

Ipad Pro 2021 sizes jpg

3. 11-inch iPad Pro

With the newer, and faster, 10.9-inch iPad Air offering a great processor and design, the same library of apps, and high-end features for more than $200 less, the 11-inch iPad Pro needs to be taken off the shelves this year. 

Apple watch series 3 explorer face jpg

4. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple just released the seventh generation of the Apple Watch yet it continues to sell the Series 3. It doesn’t make any sense for Apple whatsoever to continue offering it up for sale.

13 inch macbook pro ports jpg

5. 13-inch MacBook Pro

Unless you are a fan of the touch bar, a MacBook Pro that has the same processor, display, and basic design as the MacBook Air, fewer ports than any pro needs, and limited RAM, might be considered taken off the shelves.

Mac pro wheels jpg

6. Mac Pro wheels

When the Apple silicon Mac Pro launches later this year, we hope the wheels don’t roll in with it, let’s hope Apple stops selling that pricy set of wheels.

Do you agree with Macworld’s opinion on these products becoming redundant in 2022?