Apple to Start Manufacturing AirPods in India for the First Time

As part of its continuing production diversification initiative, Apple has ordered for a portion of its AirPods and Beats headphones to be manufactured in India.

Apple has begun to double down on manufacturing its devices in India. As a way to lower its dependence on China, Apple has made an order to its suppliers to begin production of AirPods and Beats within India. According to Nikkei Asiaboth Foxconn and Luxshare Precision Industry have been contacted and given the order.

The manufacturing order is said to begin as early as next year. Foxconn, which is already manufacturing iPhone at its Sriperumbudur facility, has been given the order for Beats. However, those familiar with the matter say that the supplier may eventually produce AirPods in India as well. Just recently, Apple began scaling up the production of the iPhone 14, with Foxconn handling the manufacturing in India.

Luxshare Precision Industry is well versed in the production of AirPods. The supplier already handles Apple’s orders in Vietnam and China. Therefore, it’s to no one’s surprise that Luxshare has been granted the order for AirPods in India. However, the report claims that the company is currently focusing on the development of its Vietnamese AirPods operations. It’s said that the ramp-up of manufacturing in India may be slower than its competitors for this reason.

Apple has been gradually looking at India as means to diversify its supply chain and independence from China. As trade disputes between the U.S. and China escalate and the country faces numerous lockdowns, Apple hopes it can mitigate any future disruptions.

This initiative first started in 2017 when Apple first began the order for iPhone to be produced in India. Recently, it was reported that Apple is on track to double iPhone exports in India by March 2023. If accurate, the company will exceed $2.5 billion in the 12 months concluding in March of next year. By 2025, Apple aims to see 25 percent of its iPhone production conducted in India. Plus, the company is aiming to move 20 percent of iPad and Apple Watch, five percent of MacBooks, and 65 percent of AirPods to Vietnam by 2025.