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Apple TV’s Picture Quality Tops Streaming Devices During Pandemic Days

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According to data collected by streaming media intelligence firm Conviva from billions of sensors embedded into video applications, both the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K topped streaming devices with best picture quality during the early days of Coronavirus pandemic (via CultofMac).

Apple tv

Apple TV ranked number 1 by setting the standard in picture quality at an average of 8.14 Mbps during the first quarter of 2020. Xbox came in at second spot with 7.06 Mbps, while Roku jumped to third with an average video rate of 6.94 Mbps.

People watching on Apple TV devices also waited less time than with any streaming box during the quarter.

Viewers waited just 2.76 seconds – a 22% improvement compared to a year ago. No other device came even close, the study found – 4.26 seconds on Xbox, 4.40 on Roku boxes, and 5.38 seconds on Amazon Fire TV devices.

 Apple TV boxes put up an impressive showing in the quarter, with 25% growth year-over-year and 8% of all connected TV viewing hours. Xbox came in first with 10%, Amazon Fire TV second with 9%, Apple third, and Roku seventh with 4%

At the same time, however, Apple TV proved to be worst when it came to videos failing to start, up 36% from last year, with 0.79% of videos failing to begin. Roku devices had the best video start failure rate at 0.12%, followed by Fire TV and Xbox.

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