Apple Users Complaining of Being “Nickel and Dimed” by the iPhone Maker

A new Reddit thread titled “What example of Apple’s nickel and diming has annoyed you the most?” has garnered hundreds of comments in a few hours from Apple users complaining about the iPhone maker’s new products being too expensive.

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Users are complaining about Apple raising prices for its new products across the board, including iCloud storage, dongles, and some other examples noting the Cupertino company has cut corners and pushed costs to consumers.

Here are some interesting comments from the thread:

“iCloud storage is my biggest gripe. They should’ve at least doubled the amount of the free tier since their newer phones capture much higher quality photos and they push us to upload to the cloud.”

“My biggest gripe with apple’s nickel and dining is the 128GB SSD’s they include in the base, ****ing $1800 MBP, SSD’s are so cheap yet they use it as a manipulative opportunity to upsell the higher tier models.”

“Buying the USB C power brick only to find there’s no way to connect the power brick to a laptop. Had to go back to buy the USB C cable.”

“Dongles! Isn’t it ridiculous that there’s no way to connect iPhones to certain macs without the use of dongles?”

“Just kill the 5W charger already and start putting 12W chargers in the iPhone box. I have half a dozen 5W chargers that I never use because they charge modern iPhones so slowly,”

“They deliberately make the lowest tier [storage] option something you can hardly work with to sell you an overpriced upgrade to what should really be the default option,”

What do you guys think is more annoying? Apple asking users to spend more money on cords and storage space, or that the products themselves are getting more expensive?