Apple Watch Earns 97% User Satisfaction Rating in Latest Survey

Research firm Wristly has just published the report of its ‘State of the Apple Watch’ customer satisfaction survey, according to which the Apple Watch has received a user satisfaction rating of 97%. However, Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt believes that the rating should be taken with “a grain of salt”, given the “inherent pro-Apple bias in the self-selected sample”.

Watch survey1

According to the author, the actual representation of how Apple Watch is doing is the chart shown below, Here’s what he says:

“The chart, which compares a couple thousand owners’ expectations for the Watch with their actual use of the device, is the real deal”.

Remember, Apple pitched the Watch as three things in one:

  • An incredibly precise timepiece
  • Entirely new ways to stay in touch
  • A smarter way to look at fitness

Check it out and share your thoughts with us about how accurate it is in the comments section.

Watch usage