New Apple Watch Series 2 Ads Say “Give the Gift of Go” for Christmas [VIDEOS]

Apple has aired a couple new Apple Watch ads, highlighting the new Series 2 lineup, touting “This Christmas, give the Gift of Go.”

Apple watch series 2 gift of go

Two 15-second ads, titled ‘Go Play’ and ‘Go Run’ show off Apple Watch Series 2 models, including the specialized Nike+ model, which comes with exclusive bands. Check them out below:

The short clips appeared on the company’s YouTube channel in the UK, and may make their way into digital ad campaigns, such as on Instagram.

So far, Series 2 has been pretty good in the pool and on runs, without the need for my iPhone thanks to its built-in GPS. Still waiting for Strava to release an update to support the GPS, expected in early 2017.

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