WWDC an “Appetizer” to Upcoming Fall Hardware Launches: Munster


In just three days we will find out what Apple has been working on lately, so it’s time for analysts to throw in their WWDC keynote expectations. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray already jumped on the bandwagon saying that the focus will be on extensions to Siri, the virtual personal assistant built into the system. He also believes what we are going to see next Monday is just an “appetiser” for what Apple prepares this fall.

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Apple is expected to also make hardware announcements — new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers — but word on street is that this year, the WWDC media event will be software-focused. According to Munster, “the news out of this year’s will be opening up Siri for deeper voice control in iOS and updates to Apple Pay, with more incremental updates to iOS, OS X, WatchOS, and tvOS,” Barrons says.

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“Overall, we view WWDC as a warm up to more meaningful announcements in the fall including iPhone 7 and an updated Apple Watch.”

It appears that Apple is postponing hardware announcements for this fall. Munster foresees two major hardware announcements: first, there will be the iPhone 7. Secondly, the Apple Watch, according to Munster, which leaves Mac announcements without a definite announcement timeframe.