Rumor: Apple’s MobileMe Plans to Include Foursquare, uStream, Facebook-like Mashup

Apple MobileMe
Keeping it all in sync with MobileMe

More MobileMe speculation from “sources” coming your way. I’m going to take this ‘source’ from Cult of Mac with a grain of salt, especially after hearing about Apple’s “cloud-only” iPhone rumour.

New details report that MobileMe’s plans include a mashup of Foursquare, uStream, and Facebook. As per Cult of Mac:

Among the many services Apple is working on are:

  • A live video-streaming service like Ustream
  • A location-based check-in system like Gowalla or Foursquare
  • A geo-tagging system codenamed “Tokens” that tags real-world locations, like Facebook Places on steroids.

According to our source, who asked to remain anonymous, Apple is working on a lot of streaming data services and location-aware technologies.

I understand there’s a huge veil of secrecy at Apple. So much so, that the details provided by this ‘source’ seem like a jumbled mess. We know that MobileMe is slated for some sort of revamp (Steve Jobs promised us), possibly going free, and might include a Find my Friends feature.

Apple’s last attempt at a social network (remember Ping?) has become a distant memory. As for the above mashup, I’ll believe it when I see it–just like that cloud-based iPhone Nano.

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