AT&T Releases iPhone 3G Pricing: Rogers, Listen and Learn!

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Big news for USA customers of AT&T yesterday! They just released their iPhone 3G pricing…let’s take a quick look, shall we? Keep in mind the following plans INCLUDE unlimited data!

  • AT&T Nation Unlimited: Includes unlimited Anytime Minutes for $129.99 a month.
  • AT&T Nation 1350: Includes 1350 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $109.99 a month.
  • AT&T Nation 900: Includes 900 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $89.99 a month.
  • AT&T Nation 450: Includes 450 Anytime Minutes and 5,000 Night & Weekend Minutes for $69.99 a month.

This is the best part of the AT&T plans: All AT&T Nation and AT&T FamilyTalk® plans for iPhone 3G include nationwide long distance and roaming, Visual Voicemail, Rollover®, unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling and Caller ID.

You got that right. Our neighbours down south get a better deal on their iPhone 3G plans, compared to our Rogers’ iPhone 3G pricing (they are actually paying an increase of $10 more than their previous first generation iPhone plan). Maybe Rogers could learn a thing or two from AT&T. Offer a decent plan that includes unlimited data and you will see tonnes of people flocking to your stores. Don’t forget that AT&T users only have to sign a 2 year contract, versus 3 years with Rogers.

This could mean the unlocking/jailbreaking game could be starting again if anyone can walk into an AT&T store to buy an iPhone 3G. Why would you want to spend extra time/gas to head down to the USA? The answer is simple: to prevent giving anymore money to Rogers! I would be more than happy to buy a unit from the USA, as I have done so quite easily in the past. Trust me, the iPhone 3G will be unlocked/jailbreaked/activated–it’s just a matter of time.

AT&T Will Offer No Contract iPhone 3G for $599 and $699

It gets even better folks, if you’re not into contracts. AT&T will be selling the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G for $599 and $699 respectively. These prices are still expensive, but keep in mind early adopters of the 8GB first generation iPhone paid $599 (but ended up getting a $100 credit when Apple lowered the price by $200 a couple months later, LOL). I mentioned that Rogers is going to sell the 8GB iPhone for $730CDN without a contract–now that is just crazy.

CONFIRMED: Rogers has been working with PR Agency MS&L

Remember yesterday’s post about that email I received from PR agency MS&L? Well, when I checked my email this morning I found a response in my inbox. This is what the email read:

Thank you for your voice and e-mail responses to my message. Yes, my company, MS&L, has been Rogers’ agency of record for Public Relations for more than two years. The information sent to you is public information and we are communicating this to a number of bloggers, like yourself, who have shown in interest in the upcoming launch of the iPhone 3G in Canada.

Hmm…so it seems like Rogers has been outsourcing their PR work to another agency. Well, given the fact that Rogers like to release lame tidbits in press releases, I’m not surprised they would get another company to do their dirty work and email bloggers directly. A lot of people are tired of Elizabeth Hamilton (Rogers rep) trying to spin the data plans in the news.

Such examples include: “The [prices announced Friday] are only the plans that we think make the most sense for users,” said spokesperson Elizabeth Hamilton.”

How does Rogers know what we want? THEY DON’T! Anyways…we could go on and on…but you get the point. Rogers is a corporation, and they are responsible to shareholders. So they must increase profits any way they can–even if it means aggravating and alienating the entire Canadian population.

July 11th is just under nine days away…anybody here going to protest outside Rogers Wireless locations? I know most people will be protesting with their wallets!

PS – Apple has released a guided tour of the iPhone 3G. You can watch it here, drool, then get angry at Rogers. Enjoy.

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