Sonos Rolling Out Audible Audiobooks Support in Canada and Beyond

Sonos has announced it is now rolling out Audible support for its speakers, informing iPhone in Canada in a statement, “Starting today, you can play Audible from the Sonos App or directly from the Audible app.”

Sonos audibile

To get started with Audible on your Sonos, the company says it’s easy to get started, as all you need to do is “add Audible as a service in the Sonos App or play directly from the Audible App to Sonos.”

We’re not seeing Audible as a service in the Sonos app in Canada yet, so this is definitely rolling out still. Once Audible is available in the list of music services, users will be required to sign into their Audible account.

Sonos says Alexa voice control to play Audible audiobooks “will follow”, so that means users with a Sonos One will be able to use their voice to play audiobooks.

As for Audible on Sonos, it will be available in Canada and the following countries: US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand. Audible streams at 32-128 kbps AAC on Sonos speakers.

Earlier this month, Sonos erroneously published a blog post early stating Audible had launched, leaving many fans disappointed, but now that the launch is official, everybody can rest (and listen) easy.

The Audible iOS app has been updated today to support Sonos as well.