Will BC Get Uber? You’ll Find Out Before the Election: Minister

Will Uber and Lyft be allowed in British Columbia? Well, apparently that question will be answered in a few months, before the provincial elections slated for May 9, 2017. The Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Peter Fassbender, and the Minister of Transportation, Todd Stone, are now taking into consideration the legal framework needed to address safety concerns.

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Speaking with CBC News, Fassbender expressed his opinion on the matter: He has heard that consumers “want more choice, they want more flexibility”, so this feels like the right time to analyse the matter.

“They feel like at times they are underserved and so we feel like it’s important that we look at what that might mean for them,” said Fassbender.

As noted by CBC News, nearly 81% of delegates at the weekend’s B.C. Liberal convention supported the idea of creating ride-sharing legislation.

B.C. has so far resisted the temptation to allow ride-sharing services, due to the safety concerns of consumers and worries about protecting the local taxi industry.

The legislation would also address those safety concerns and create a level playing field for the existing industry, according to Fassbender.