Bell MTS Delivering on Promise to Invest $1B on Network Infrastructure

It has been just over a year since Bell took over MTS. According to a new report from CBC News, Bell MTS has started to deliver on its promise to spend $1 billion on network infrastructure over the next five years.

The investment is a part of a plan to bring basic internet service to several parts of rural Manitoba. Manitoba resident Erin Eissner said that the internet is “absolute garbage.” She said that her bill is often as high as $250 and frequently cuts in and out. In a statement, Eissner said:

“We went two weeks without the internet … then they tried to charge us for the two weeks we didn’t have. They say it’s supposed to be fast, it’s not fast.”

Eissner said that she is eager to see more competition move into her area and other rural areas around Manitoba. With more competition, Eissner’s family would have a better chance of getting a stable internet connection.

In a statement to CBC News, a spokesperson from Bell MTS said that the company is now in the process of delivering on its promise to invest. The company will undertake a number of projects to bring wireless and advanced LTE across Manitoba, as well as rolling out Fibe internet to more communities.