New Bentley Ad Shot Entirely on iPhone 5S, Assembled on iPad Air [VIDEO]

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Bentley’s new luxury car has shows off iPads built into the back along with Bluetooth keyboards. But even cooler is how the ad was shot entirely with the iPhone 5s, then edited on an iPad Air (looks like iMovie for iOS), shown near the end of the commercial.

Check out the ad below:

[via The Loop]

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  • ChrisShield5

    Good for Apple, but I gotta ask why did they use an iPhone/iPad? Apple must of paid for that as part of their arrangement. The results are good, but it would have been much easier with a Canon 7D or any good DSLR. Also, to me, this just made me want a touch MacBook Air. The iPad+Keyboard looks a little silly. iPads are great, but if you want a tablet with a keyboard the Surface is a better option right now.

  • They used the iPad to show you that this is what you can accomplish on the go. I think they used the iPhone because it integrates well with editing on an iPad.

    I agree they should have used better equipment, but not a 7D. This is Bentley, they can afford a much bigger budget. They should have shot on an ARRI or RED (or something in that arena) to get the best quality they could.

    For the most part, it looks good (amazing for a cellphone) but there are a few areas where a professional camera would have made a big difference. It would have helped to have more dynamic range in the shots of the sky, and most notably, the ability to choose shutter speed and frame rate would have removed the headlight flickers. Those flickering headlights were distracting and felt very unprofessional, ruining an otherwise great shot.

  • ChrisShield5

    I agree with pretty much all that you said. Good points 🙂