BlackBerry CEO John Chen Calls iPhone Users “Wall Huggers”


From the moment Apple introduced the iPhone, BlackBerry has been struggling to keep up in the smartphone market. The Waterloo-based company tried to regain some of the smartphone market with BlackBerry 10, which we can safely say did not work out very well.

BlackBerry has been holding on to its devices with physical QWERTY keyboards because they believe their customers still look for that in a smartphone. In November of 2013, John Chen assumed the CEO position replacing Thorsten Heins. Chen has proved that he is not afraid of talking a little bit of trash about other companies because he believes that he can turn BlackBerry around. Chen said:

“I wanted to do something where I could wake up every day and worry, and I have fulfilled my dream.”

Earlier this week, Chen spoke at the Oasis Montgomery conference, where he was asked about the iPhone’s popularity. The CEO quickly responded saying iPhone users are constantly searching for power outlets because their iPhone’s battery can’t even last one full day. He said:

“I call you guys wall huggers.”

The future of BlackBerry is not certain. Currently, the company is trying to push BBM, bring the popular messaging app to iOS and Android, but a messaging app may not be enough to save BlackBerry.

On Tuesday, it was reported that BlackBerry is testing sponsored posts and advertisements in BBM. Do you think BBM is enough to keep BlackBerry afloat?

[via TUAW]