Canadian Millennials Prefer Uber over Traditional Taxi: Survey

The Angus Reid Institute released the results of a survey it sent to 2,501 Canadians asking whether they prefer taxis or ride-sharing services.

The results show that Canadian millennials prefer calling an Uber over a traditional taxi, which shouldn’t be a surprise. However, older Canadians still prefer to hail a traditional taxi than an Uber. Overall, the poll found that 39 percent of respondents would rather take a taxi, while 29 percent would rather take an Uber.

The survey found that 49 percent of Canadians have a positive view on Uber and other ride-sharing services. Canadians are also encouraging traditional taxi companies to compete with ride-sharing companies, with 78 percent saying that they should “step up their game.”

“Pollsters found that in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, residents are split between their preference for a cab or an Uber. And in Vancouver, where Uber still hasn’t been approved, slightly more (35 per cent) would prefer to call an Uber than a taxi (32 per cent.)”

The results from Canadian adults surveyed from February 15th to February 19th, 2018.