Consumer Rant Towards Rogers One Rate Data Plans

**The following is a guest post by Justin Luey from**

Rogers has introduced their One Rate Plans that will allow 1GB of data to be used anywhere in Canada and the USA. One reader, Justin Luey has given his take on Rogers One Rate Plans:

Rogers has just announced new North American data plans, these plans allow customers to use data while traveling in the U.S with no extra roaming charges. The data used in the U.S is billed the same as if you were in Canada. Rogers claims that these plans cost “about $10 more” than their regular data plans. This is great news unless you are an iPhone user.Rogers’ press release didn’t contain any iPhone specific data packages, and failed to mention if there was an add-on option for people’s existing data plans. Many iPhone users are on the $30 a month 6 gig plan that was offered to early adopters. No one using an iPhone is going to give up 6 gigs a month in exchange for 1 gig that they can use in the U.S.

I was able to confirm this morning that Rogers isn’t offering an add-on to existing plans and is not planning to offer any iPhone plans. Here is a link to the confirmation on Twitter.

Recent history tells us two things about how Rogers treats iPhone users, their first instinct is to screw or ignore them, and they always correct the problem if there is a public outcry. You would think they would have learned their lesson by now, but apparently they haven’t. So it’s time for another outcry.

Let Rogers know you want to be able use your existing iPhone data plan in the U.S by sending a message to their Twitter account

What do you think? Do you agree with Justin’s opinion above about the One Rate Plan?