CRTC Seeks Feedback on Basic TV Price Increases Beyond Caps


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) wants feedback from Canadians on the proposed price increases on basic TV packages, beyond mandated price caps.

The CRTC said on Wednesday the request for comments comes “in response to an application filed by a group of television service providers to increase the price cap for the basic TV package from $25/month to $28/month, with subsequent yearly adjustments based on inflation.”

Comments are open until October 28, 2022. Canadians can participate online, or go old school by sending a letter in the mail or by fax.

“Many Canadians rely on the basic TV package as a source for news, information, and entertainment. TV service providers are asking us if they may increase the maximum price of the basic TV package. We want to hear from Canadians about how a potential price increase could impact them. This will help ensure that we make an informed decision,” said Ian Scott, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, CRTC, in a statement.

Back in the spring of 2015, it was reported the CRTC wanted basic TV packages to be capped at $25 per month, applied to satellites and cable companies.

Click here to share your feedback online with the CRTC. Do you think the CRTC will accept the proposed price increases?