Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Leaves Premier Access on Disney+, Now Available to Stream at no Extra Cost

Disney’s live-action film ‘Cruella’ is now available to stream on Disney+ at no extra cost. The film debuted on the streaming services as a Premier Access title on May 28th, 2021.

‘Cruella’ stars Emma Stone in the origin story revolving around the titular character Cruella DeVille. Prior to becoming the villain see in ‘101 Dalmatians,’ Cruella depicts to rise to infamy the character has in the fashion world.

Based in 1970’s London, Estella, who later takes the name Cruella, works with two bottom-of-the-barrel thieves in order to make ends meet. However, she eventually becomes tangled in the fashion world which ultimately spirals into an excentric revenge story baked in punk-rock style. Many critics have lightly compared the film to WB’s ‘Joker,’ which also depicted the origin story of one of the most notorious villains.

In Canada, Cruella was released as a Premier Access title on May 28th as many theatres were still closed due to the pandemic. Since that time, the film was accessible through the $34.99 CAD paywall. However, now, the film can be streamed at no extra cost to Disney+ subscribers.

The film was met with quite a large critical reception. Globally, the film raked in $222 million in ticket sales. This does not take in revenue from the Premier Access release. Earlier this month, Deadline reported that a sequel to the film was in the works with Emma Stone returning.

Disney+ is available in Canada for $11.99/month or $119.99/year.