Deathloop is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 20th

Following a year of exclusivity of PlayStation, Deathloop is making its way to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass next week. On September 20th, players can jump into this time-bending puzzle game.

Announced during Xbox’s live stream during Tokyo Game Show, director Dinga Bakaba revealed that not only is Deathloop making its way to new platforms, but developers Arkane Studios will be releasing a Goldenloop update for all platforms. The update adds new content to the base game for no extra cost. The update also brings an extended ending to Deathloop, enhancing another playthrough for returning players.

Deathloop‘s Goldenloop update adds a new energy rifle dubbed the Halps Prototype. The new weapon is able to fire lasers continuously. There is also a new Fugue ability, which fires as a projectile and confuses targets, making them momentarily passive. Additionally, Julianna’s Masquerade ability will now have four new upgrade options. Plus, 19 additional ‘2-in-1 trinkets’ are being added to the game. These should all come in handy as the update will see a new Paint-Bomber enemy type added to the game.

With Deathloop soon to be available on Xbox and PC, Arkane is adding cross-purchase and cross-save functionality across the two platforms. However, the newly implemented cross-platform matchmaking will be available on all platforms, including PlayStation.

Deathloop originally launched on PlayStation and PC on September 14th, 2021. The game is largely described as an action-fueled puzzle game where players are caught in a timeloop on an island called Blackreef. To escape, players must assassinate eight targets littered around the island before the day resets. To assist, players can unlock new abilities and gadgets to bring with them between “loops.”

The original launch of Deathloop arrived during an interesting period. Arkane Studios and its parent company ZeniMax Media were acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion USD prior to the game shipping. However, Microsoft honoured the exclusivity deal Arkane and Bethesda made previous to the deal. Although terms weren’t public, there was an assumption that Deathloop (and Ghostwire: Tokyo another game in a similar boat) would come to Xbox at some point.