D-Link Omna 180 Cam HomeKit Camera Launches in Canada Priced at $269.95

D-Link showed off their first HomeKit enabled camera last month at CES, the Omna 180 Cam HD (DSH-310). This morning, the product launched sales on Apple’s online store in Canada and the USA.

The camera is priced at $269.95 CAD on Apple.ca (it’s $200 US on Apple.com). Currently, in-store pick up is noting dates as early as March 6th for western Canada, while online shipping says 1-2 weeks.

D link omna 180 camera

The Omna 180 Cam offers 180 degrees of wide angle, 1080P HD, two-way audio, night vision up to 5 metres in the dark, and a micro SD slot. With HomeKit compatibility, that means it can be controlled by Siri and also be setup for home automation scenes. You’ll also get motion alerts and more right on the lockscreen, with rich notifications showing a live video stream.

Some example phrases you can mention to Siri include the following:

  • “Siri, what’s happening in the living room/baby’s room/nursery, etc.?”
  • “Siri, show me the living room/baby’s room/nursery camera?”
  • “Siri, show me all of my cameras.”

The addition of the micro SD slot means you can have a local setup and not have to pay monthly fees for cloud video storage, unlike other cameras like Nest or Canary. Additionally, HomeKit also means security from Apple, with encrypted transmissions between the camera and your iOS devices.

Anyone going to be picking one of these up?