Do You Carry Both an iPhone and BlackBerry, and Secretly Wish for an ‘iBerry’?

Do you currently carry both a BlackBerry and an iPhone? The Wall Street Journal highlights an interesting story about the experiences of people who can’t let up and keep one device, but use both no matter where they go. People who are seen with their BlackBerrys are quick to let others know–‘hey, I have an iPhone too’:

Amanda Slavin, the 26-year-old director of marketing and events for a New York restaurant group, is used to getting skeptical looks when she pulls out her BlackBerry. She quickly heads off any judgment. “Don’t worry, I also have an iPhone,” she says.

She says people perceive her BlackBerry as outdated, and she agrees with that view—up to a point. “It’s just not really practical for anything besides emailing,” she says. But her BlackBerry serves up her work email messages very fast, Ms. Slavin says. As important, she can type on it without looking at the keypad. She also likes its instant-messaging feature, known as BBM, as well as its calendar, which syncs with her work PC.

With the iPhone, it’s there to do everything else such as phone people, send texts, browse the web and update Facebook, making it a versatile social networking tool for Slavin, who also noted “the iPhone is so pretty.”

38-year old Stephen Matyasfalvi, a Toronto business consultant on carrying two devices:

“I hide my BlackBerry unless I actually need to use it…If I am choosing what device to have out for browsing, calling, etc., it’s the iPhone and not the BlackBerry. It’s not even about being cooler with the iPhone, they just look so much better!”

It was just noted yesterday the iPhone is impacting and dominating the Enterprise arena, according to one report. With BlackBerry 10 devices not debuting until early next year, it looks to be a long road ahead for RIM to retain its corporate customers. About a week ago, Australia’s Qantas Airlines announced plans to ditch 1500 company BlackBerrys in favour of iPhones.

Frank Boulben, RIM’s newly minted chief marketing officer, responded by saying he is aware of people carrying both devices and responded those company issued phones have non-essential apps blocked for employees, thus they aren’t getting the full BlackBerry experience, which he notes will change once BlackBerry 10 is unveiled. Apple declined to comment.

For those with company-issued BlackBerrys there’s no way to get away from having both devices. Considering the BlackBerry brand has taken a hit due to its embarrassing business decisions, I can see why so many people would want to also carry their iPhone as well.

Does work require you to carry both an iPhone and BlackBerry?