Apple to Soon Allow Face ID Repairs Without Replacing Entire Device

Citing an internal memo obtained through a reliable source, MacRumors is claiming that Apple will soon allow Authorized Service Providers to repair Face ID on the iPhones without having to replace the entire device.

Face id

According to the memo, authorized technicians will soon have access to a new TrueDepth Camera service part containing all Face ID and front camera modules, allowing for same-unit repairs.

Apple notes that the move will help to reduce the number of whole-unit repairs completed as part of its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its products. The new service part will be available for the iPhone XS and newer.

While same-unit Face ID repairs will certainly cost less than a whole-unit replacement, the memo did not include pricing details.

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will be able to use the Apple Service Toolkit diagnostic tool to determine when to perform a same-unit Face ID repair instead of a whole-unit replacement or an “iPhone Rear System” repair. Apple said related documentation and training will be made available at a later date.

It must be pointed out that even though Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhone X in 2017, the device appears to be excluded from the new same-unit repair process for the TrueDepth system.