Facebook Rolls Out ‘Quiet Mode’ for iOS, Allowing Users to Silence Notifications

Facebook has released a new ‘Quiet Mode’ setting for its app on iOS. Users taking advantage of the feature will have most push notifications muted for a predetermined time.

Announced via a blog post, Facebook explained that given current working and living conditions, some users may find it beneficial to have more resources at their disposal. In a bid to provide additional support to silence notifications, Facebook created its new Quiet Mode setting.

Released on iOS on Thursday, users can navigate their settings to find the option for Quiet Mode. Once in the Settings option, Quiet Mode will then be available via the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ tab. After selecting Quiet Mode, many push notifications will then be silenced until the preset timer has run its course.

According to Facebook, users can freely turn the setting on, or schedule the setting to be turned on automatically for a preset amount of time during the day. Any user that attempts to use Facebook during the duration will be met with a splash screen, reminding them of the remaining time left on the counter.

In addition, Facebook as added shortcuts to notification settings and News Feed preferences to allow users to “make the most of your time on Facebook”.

While iOS users will be able to start using this new feature now, Android users will have to wait until May for the rollout.