Facebook’s iPhone-Like Smartphone Leaks, Known as the ‘HTC First’ [PIC]


Last week it was rumoured Facebook was set to announce an Android-powered smartphone, made by HTC, to be unveiled at an event held this Thursday morning at the social network’s Menlo campus in California. Yesterday Android Police reported on a dump of the phone’s Android build, codenamed “Myst”, confirming earlier specs revealed by Unwired View this is set to be a mid-level HTC smartphone with the following specs:

HTC Myst

Now, @evleaks has posted what is the first leaked render of the Facebook smartphone, known as the HTC First, which looks similar to the aesthetics of the iPhone:

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With well over 500 million mobile users, Facebooks looks to capitalize on the social network addicts looking to jump on their first smartphone. Would you ever buy a dedicated Facebook smartphone? Or are you just not that crazy enough yet?