Beware: Canadians Getting Fake Apple Phishing Emails Lately

Recently, many of you have let us know fake Apple emails have landed in your inboxes, so this is a PSA to beware of phishing attempts seeking to compromise your Apple ID.

These emails may appear legitimate if you’re skimming and not reading your emails carefully, but they are not from Apple.

They claim your Apple ID has been locked or temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity. How to unlock your account? Click here and login of course! This is when your credentials will be compromised at a fake Apple website.

Apple phishing 2

These emails are signed off as “Thank you, Apple TEAM” or “Thank you, Apple”, which are totally #fakenews:

Apple phishing email

These emails are written poorly and fonts don’t even match. Apple says you can report phishing emails by forwarding them to or, or iMessage spam to

Best practices to secure your Apple ID? Enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. Here’s Apple’s tutorial on how to set it up (do it right now and stop procrastinating).

Thanks AJ, Anthony