Fido Set to Introduce New $15 ‘Transaction Fee’ on October 5


Fido is set to introduced a new $15 “transaction fee” on October 5th. The new fee will apply to all new activations and existing customers that want to upgrade their device.

Currently, Fido did not charge the fee for new activations and charged a fee of $25 for customers who wanted to upgrade their device. According to a document acquired by MobileSyrup:

“The fee will automatically be charged to all new activations with or without agreement. This includes Fido Home Phones, tablets and data-only phones. It’ll also replace the current administrative fee for hardware upgrades.”

If the customer performs the activation (new or upgrade) through the carrier’s online store, the fee will be waived. In a statement, Fido provides an explanation as to why the fees exist:

“The one-time transaction fee applies for the processing of your request. For the most part it helps us cover the costs of managing and restocking the inventory of phones and SIM cards as well as processing shipping and handling.”

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