Firefox 60 Released with Enterprise Policy Engine, Takes Step to Eliminate Passwords

Today, Mozilla released Firefox 60 for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. The new version of the browser arrives with the Web Authentication API for desktop browsers that allows users to login to all of their online accounts with a single device.

The device, which could be something like a YubiKey, would allow users to stop remembering their passwords and login with a tap of a physical device they own instead. Currently, you would only be able to use this method to login if the website supports Web Authentication. Even though the solution is not currently universal, it is a huge step towards eliminating user passwords.

Eventually, these solutions may not require a physical device and may use fingerprint recognition or facial recognition instead.

Mozilla also introduced an enterprise version of Firefox 60 that will allow the IT department of any company customize the browser for employees. The company also revamped the homepage of Firefox in the latest update.

Web Authentication is coming later this month to both Chrome, with version 67, and Microsoft Edge. Apple is also considering this technology in Safari.

[via ZDNet]