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Early Hands-On with iPhone 6 Plus Hits the Web in 4K Resolution [VIDEO]

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Apple’s iPhone 6 launch is set for this Friday, September 19 and those who have made pre-orders (that is if you were able to get through) are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their devices.

Early hands-on videos and images of the new phones have made their way to the web, via YouTube channel UNDERkg, based in Seoul, South Korea (via The channel’s 4K video showcases the iPhone 6 Plus in detail, providing a closer look at the phone’s final build quality and finish—in particular a detailed view of that protruding external camera.

There’s also a quick glance at how iOS 8 looks on the iPhone 6 Plus, including the new Reachability feature, to enable easier access to the top half of the display during one-handed operation.

Check out the video below—the unit appears to be a carrier test device that is connected to SK Telecom:

The channel last week also posted a hands-on with the iPhone 6 as well:

Here are some pictures below as well:

Screenshot 2014 09 16 09 37 37

Closer look at the external camera ring on a Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus:

Screenshot 2014 09 16 09 37 14

Here is the ‘thick-looking’ iPhone 5s next to the iPhone 6 Plus:

Screenshot 2014 09 16 09 37 27

Has your iPhone 6 order shipped yet? My iPhone 6 Plus advent calendar shows only three more days (yay)!

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