Fix Needed for iOS 13 Bug Messing Up Playlist Album Art on iPhone

Bugs and oddities are commonplace whenever one updates to a new version of iOS, and with iOS 13, there are many still kicking around.

One bug is causing a headache for music lovers, as iOS 13 is not displaying album art in playlists properly within the Music app. A discussion on the Apple Communities forum details how instead of showing the proper album art, random cover art is shown instead.

Playlist art wrong ios 13

One user wrote, “it seems to randomly select a [cover] art for a playlist each time I open the music app. However, when I click on the [actual] playlist the correct album art is there. I know this is minor issue for some, but it is annoying the crap out of me right now lol.”

Why is this a problem? Without showing proper playlist album art, users are unable to pick playlists at a glance. Instead, they need to look at song titles individually, which can be troublesome for those with large music libraries.

The issue looks to be affecting those who have imported CDs and other music previously purchased from iTunes over the years. Many users are hesitant to try a full restore to fix the issue on their iPhones.

Many are saying iOS 13.1 did not fix the issue, causing users to unable to browse music via cover art. Re-syncing music libraries did not fix the issue as album art is still randomly assigned in the Music app.

Is there a fix for this iOS 13 album art bug? One user shared a solution that fixed the issue—your mileage may vary for this:

  1. On the phone, I permanently deleted all playlists. This also deleted the playlist in iTunes.
  2. Sync’d the phone (removing all music/playlist).
  3. Created playlists manually again in iTunes. (I know, its a heck of a work if the collection is large).
  4. in iTunes, selected the playlists I wanted to Sync to phone and hit the sync button.

The steps above managed to bring back playlists and corrected the album art bug for one user ‘DeadGlory’.

iPhone in Canada reader Jason told us, “Gun N’Roses may show up as the art for my Celine Dion Playlist. Gets to be a pain when one has a lot of Playlists!” Now that’s just wrong.

Are you dealing with this iOS 13 playlist album art bug?