Fredericton Police: Distracted Driving Campaigns Aren’t Getting Through to People

distracted driving

According to a new report from the CBC, drivers in Fredericton have not been getting the message about the consequences of distracted driving. Fredericton Police said that the number of tickets they issue for distracted driving has not been dropping over the past year, despite all the campaigns.

In a statement, Const. Patrick Small said that most people are too attached to their phones.

“They’re always sending messages … I feel as though because they use it so often, they feel so comfortable with it, that they feel as though they can drive and use the phone at the same time.”

According to statistics from the police department, 105 tickets were handed out in 2015 between June 1 and September 1. In comparison, 130 tickets were handed out during that same period of time in 2016.

Small said that even though there are a lot of campaigns out there, which are warning motorists about the dangers of distracted driving, people are not getting the message. He said that you wouldn’t believe the kinds of things that motorist try to do when they are driving.

“I’ve seen people using electric razors to shave. I’ve seen people putting on lipstick, curling their eyelashes, applying mascara, reading newspapers, eating a bowl of cereal and I’ve seen people reading a book.”

Small also said that there are a lot of common misconceptions among drivers. One very common misconception is that it is okay to use you smartphone while you are stopped at a light or in heavy traffic.

If you are caught to distracted driving on the roads of Fredericton, you will be charged with a $172.50 fine as well as three demerit points.