Samsung to Discontinue Galaxy Note Series Next Year Due to Poor Sales: REPORT

It might be time to say goodbye to one of Samsung’s most iconic smartphone lineups: the Galaxy Note.

According to a Reuters report, Samsung may discontinue its premium Galaxy Note phone next year, sources with knowledge of the matter said, a move that would reflect the sharp drop in demand for high-end smartphones due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s thought that the resources usually focused on developing the next Galaxy Note will instead be allocated to Samsung’s foldable phones, and as a way of satisfying Note fans, the next Galaxy S phone will include a stylus. Future generations of foldable phones are also expected to be stylus compatible.

The reported decision to discontinue the Galaxy Note series is said to be the result of lackluster sales. Although Samsung remains the number one global smartphone manufacturer, sales of the company’s premium devices have reportedly suffered as a result of the global pandemic.

Tom Kang, an analyst at research firm Counterpoint, said sales of Samsung’s Note series are expected to fall by a fifth to 8 million this year while sales of the S series are likely to drop by 5 million to less than 30 million.

“Premium demand has decreased this year and many people are not looking for new products,” he said.

The Galaxy Note20 was launched in the United States this year with a $999 USD price tag, on par with the Galaxy S20, while the iPhone 12 starts at $799.

Samsung first launched the Note in 2011, breaking new ground in the market for larger screen models and helping it overtake Apple Inc to become the world’s largest smartphone maker for the first time that year.