Gmail Adds Email Scheduling, More Smart Compose Features on 15th Birthday

Gmail 15 years old

Google launched its email service, Gmail, 15 years ago on April Fool’s Day, offering an unprecedented 1GB of free storage with the service at the time.

Today on the email service’s 15th birthday, Google has announced more features are coming to Gmail.

The recent launch of Smart Compose—which suggests text for you—has “already saved people from typing over 1 billion characters each week—that’s enough to fill the pages of 1,000 copies of “Lord of the Rings.”

Google says today will bring support for Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese to Smart Compose, while the feature will be rolling out for all Android devices (instead of just the company’s Pixel 3 devices), with iOS users “coming soon”.

Also, Gmail Smart Compose is getting improvements as well. Google explains, “if you prefer saying “Ahoy,” or “Ello, mate” in your greetings, Smart Compose will suggest just that.” Smart Compose will now also “suggest a subject line based on the email you’ve written.”

Another feature coming today is email scheduling. This is helpful if you want to send an email at a later time or date, to accommodate time zones or not disturb someone’s vacation, explains Google.

Gmail will now also let you reply to emails faster without leaving your inbox, made possible with the recent rollout of AMP for the email service, allowing for “dynamic emails”.

This makes your emails essentially interactive web pages, so you can now reply to a comment thread in Google Docs, or browse hotel recommendations, for example, without the need to open a new tab or browser or app, says Google.