Google Assistant Brings Hockey Memories from Canadians During the NHL Playoffs

Google says its Google Assistant is ready to assist Canadians during the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, as it can answer a bunch of hockey-related queries.

According to the company, new this season is the ability for Google Assistant to bring forth playoff memories, shared by Canadians. All you have to ask is “Ok Google, tell me a playoff memory” and you’ll hear hockey stories read out for you (like this sad Maple Leafs story below).

Google assistant hockey memory

For your NHL playoff viewing parties, you can say something like “Ok Google, tell me a hockey fact,” or “Hey Google, tell me a hockey joke.”

If you want to get inspired, say “Ok Google, tell me a hockey quote”, while some other hockey-related queries you can try asking include the following below:

“Hey Google, who’s your favourite hockey team?”
“Hey Google, do you play hockey?”
“Hey Google, do you like hockey?”
“Hey Google, who will win the cup this year?”

If you have a Google Home speaker, you can ask away, but if not, you can also download the Google Assistant iOS app.