Google Lowers Price And Increases Online Storage

MobileMe users, check this out.

Google has dropped the price of their yearly storage fee and increased the amount of alotted space. This works out to Google’s cheapest option of 20GB for $5 USD per year.

If you’re confused about why Google charges for storage, don’t be. As a Gmail user, for example, you get your current 7.26GB of free storage but have the option of purchasing additional overflow storage. The point here is the price per GB.

If you are a MobileMe customer, you are paying $99.00 USD for 20GB of cloud storage from Apple. For $100 per year, you get 400GB of cloud storage from Google. If you’re a high-roller, you even have the option of purchasing up to 16TB of Google storage for a mere $4,096.00 USD per year. Wonga!

Yes, yes you get other features with MobileMe such as Find My iPhone and iDisk, but I cannot help feeling robbed when I see that I am paying $4.95 USD per GB from Apple when I could be paying $0.25 USD per GB from Google. Ouch!

Are the other features of MobileMe really worth $94 USD per year? What do you think?