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Google Pixel 2 Camera Sets ‘Record’ DxOMark Overall Score, Tops iPhone 8 Plus

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According to DxOMark camera tests, Google’s latest Pixel 2 smartphone, announced today, has set a new record for overall smartphone camera score:

Impressively, it manages this despite having “only” a single-camera design for its main camera. Its top scores in most of our traditional photo and video categories put it ahead of our previous (tied) leaders, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, despite the Pixel 2 coming in lower in the new Zoom and Bokeh categories. The Pixel 2 is also a major step forward from the Pixel (which was our top scorer when it was released a year ago), moving from 90 to 98.

The Pixel 2—which starts at $899 CAD ($1159 CAD for Pixel 2 XL)—scored 98 for its overall camera score, topping Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, both tied at 94. Apple’s iPhones still take 5 of the top 12 spots when it comes to overall scores.

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DxOMark overall mobile scores

According to DxOMark, the Pixel 2 is “especially well-suited to videographers, as it achieves the highest Video score for any device we’ve tested — a 96.”

Again, this is just one set of smartphone camera tests, so take them with a grain of salt. Look at the sample images posted and decide for yourself what looks the best (and don’t forget to read the comments at DxOMark).

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