How Google Translate Helps Syrian Refugees in Canada [VIDEO]


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Google has released a pretty impactful video sharing how Google Translate on mobile is helping Syrian refugees settle in Canada, specifically children trying to learn English in school:

In December of 2015, Emad and his family left their home in Syria for a safer life in Ontario, Canada. Day by day, they are growing accustomed to a new home, country and language. This is just a small glimpse of their story. #refugeeswelcome

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Google Translate for iOS can handle type to translate for 90 languages, or use your device’s camera to instantly translate text in 26 languages. For two-way automatic speech translation (as shown in the video), it supports 40 languages. The app can also accept drawings with a finger as a keyboard alternative.

The government of Canada originally pledged last November to help 25,000 Syrian refugees; to date, 26,921 have arrived in Canada as of April 24, 2016.