GooPhone iPhone 5 Knockoff Ships In A Secret Agent-Style Aluminum Alloy Suitcase [PICS]

Remember that Chinese iPhone 5 knockoff we told you about a couple of months back? Yes, that GooPhone i5 running a heavily skinned version of Android 4.1 to make it look like iOS. Turns out, that brilliant iPhone 5 knockoff comes packed inside a secret agent-style aluminum alloy suitcase (via MIC Gadget). 

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I don’t know why is the knockoff maker investing so much money on its packaging, but I do believe its aluminium suitcase will surely make you feel like James Bond or something. With the GooPhone i5, the case also holds a microUSB cable, a pair of headphones, a charger and a portable charger.

Check out the following pics and tell us what you think:

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