Honk Parking Service Announces Major Expansion in Western Canada


Honk, the innovative app transforming parking in North America, has today announced a major expansion in Western Canada with the launch of its services in the City of Saskatoon. For those who aren’t familiar, the HonkMobile app lets users search, pay for, and top up parking directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

“Honk has partnered with Precise Parklink West, a leader in parking who operates hundreds of municipal and private lots throughout Western Canada, to bring its services to thousands of parking spots across Saskatoon. While Honk is now accepted throughout the City, there is a particularly large concentration in the downtown core, most notably in the Central Business District where parking is at the highest demand.”

“Honk is revolutionizing parking across North America and we are thrilled to bring our service to Saskatoon,” said Honk founder and CEO Michael Back. The simple app lest users click, pay, and walk away. Adding to the convenience, the app notifies users when their parking is set to expire, allowing them to buy additional time remotely and eliminating the need to rush back to feed the meter.

Looks like Saskatonians can now skip the meter during the cold winter, and be on their way faster and warmer with Honk. You can download the free HonkMobile app using the following App Store link.

Download HonkMobile for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]