Houseparty Denies Breach as Users Claim Their Netflix, Spotify Accounts Got Hacked

Users of the popular group calling app Houseparty, which has seen a tremendous surge in popularity during the coronavirus lockdown, are complaining all over social media that they have been hacked and that their other online accounts like PayPal, Netflix, and Spotify have also been compromised (via Business Insider).


However, a spokeswoman for Houseparty has denied these claims noting that no evidence of a security breach has been found. “We’ve found no evidence to suggest a link between Houseparty and the compromises of other unrelated accounts,” she told the publication.

The spokeswoman added that people shouldn’t use the same username or password across different accounts, which is a common security mistake. 

“As a general rule, we suggest all users choose strong passwords when creating online accounts on any platform. Use a unique password for each account, and use a password generator or password manager to keep track of passwords, rather than using passwords that are short and simple.”

According to Apptopia data, Houseparty’s downloads surged 2000% between mid-February and mid-March.

As of now, there is no evidence that Houseparty has in fact been hacked. While it remains unclear why users have concluded that Houseparty is the reason their other accounts have been compromised, it is probably due to the fact it is the newest service most of them have signed up for.