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Here’s How You Can Replace Your iPod Classic’s HDD with M.2 SSD [VIDEO]

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The iPod Classic is, without a doubt, one of Apple’s best creations to date with many people still choosing to use it as their go-to MP3 player. And even though the device was officially discontinued in 2014, most of the iPod Classics still functional are even older than that.

Ssd ipod classic

If you do the math, it’s quite a long time for an HDD to be operating for, not to mention a “death sentence” for most batteries, as PCGamer’s Jacob Ridley puts it. So if you own an iPod Classic that’s still alive and kicking, you can upgrade it by replacing its HDD with an M.2 SSD fit for a desktop machine.

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Th upgrade, made possible thanks to a bespoke modding part from iFlash, works like a treat as you can see in the following video titled ‘PC SSDs in an iPod Classic’ by YouTube channel DankPods.

Check it out and let us know if you plan to install an SSD in your iPod Classic.

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