How to set up a US iTunes Account in Canada: Round 2

I know I don’t need to remind you, this is for Educational Purposes Only! Happy Post-Valentines Everyone, here’s our loving gift to you…

A couple weeks ago we let you know that, yes, it was possible to set up a US iTunes Account in Canada. Well now we have further information about this. The research monkey’s here at have come across another method of setting up a US account in Canada, and this time you don’t even need to leave your house. Best of all, it’s free! You do not have to buy a MasterCard Gift Card or US iTunes gift certificate from the states.

All you need is an iPhone App promo code. Don’t have one of those? Well, as it turns out, I’ll be giving away a few at the end of this article!

So how is it that you  set up a US iTunes Account in Canada with an App promo code? Easy.

First, Sign Out of iTunes.

Second, go to the main iTunes Store Page and scroll to the bottom and switch over to the US iTunes Store. Now, on the top-right you’ll find a link that says “Redeem”. Click It.

After you enter in your Promo Code,  iTunes will ask you to sign in. Instead, click “Create Account” and then “Continue”.

From here, it’s pretty strait forward. Fill in the email address and other account details you want to create your new account on. When it asks for your address, just enter in the US address of a friend or family member,  preferably one who lives in Delaware or Oregon, as they don’t pay state tax.

When iTunes asks you for a credit card, select “None” as you will be redeeming your promo code.

>>> One word of warning at this point. This means that you will only be able to download Free Apps or Apps for which you have Promo Codes, unless you get a US iTunes Gift Certificate or Add a MasterCard Gift Card later  – as there will be no card on file to purchase TV,  movies,  music,  etc with.

Finish up, and you should automatically download the App that you entered your code for, and then you’ll have a new US iTunes Account. Created from the comfort of your living room, and with a grand total cost of $0.

Remember your iPhone will automatically stay on whichever iTunes account you’re signed in on when you sync. Switching between accounts is pretty seamless, and hasn’t caused me any problems thus far.

I think it’s time I announced the  winner of my very most-favorite Calendar Sync App, SaiSuke: @Sylanel from Twitter. Congrats! And for our next giveaway I have a few Tweetie App Codes left over from Twestival Toronto.

Same drill as always – comment here indicating you’d like the App or Follow Me and send me a Tweet on Twitter (@ChantelleJoytwt). I’m going to give this one some time since I have THREE promo codes to give away, so I’ll announce the winners later this week!

Everyone let me know what you think of the new method of setting up the accounts, and definitly feel free to ask any questions, I’ll answer as best I can.