Turn on Emoji Suffix with VoiceOver on iPhone and iPad [VIDEO]

In a new video published on its YouTube support channel, Apple has detailed the process of enabling emoji suffix with VoiceOver on your iPhone or iPad, which makes it easier to identify when an emoji description is being read to you.


When Emoji Suffix is turned on and VoiceOver reads an emoji, it will add “emoji” to the end of the description. You can also customize the settings for VoiceOver, such as the audio options, language, voice, speaking rate, and verbosity.

To set other audio options, go to Settings  > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Audio, then set options such as the following:

  • Sounds & Haptics: Adjust and preview sound effects and haptics.
  • Audio Ducking: Temporarily reduce media playback volume when VoiceOver speaks.
  • Auto-select Speaker in Call: Automatically switch to the speaker during a call when you’re not holding iPhone to your ear.
  • Send to HDMI: Route audio to externally connected devices, such as an instrument amplifier or a DJ mixer.

Check out the following video to see how you can enable the Emoji Suffix with VoiceOver feature on iOS: