Hundreds Line Up for Apple’s iPhone X Launch in Sydney

Hundreds of fans lined up outside the Apple Retail Store in Sydney early Friday morning to be the first in the world to get their hands on an iPhone X.

Approximately 400 people lined up outside Apple’s flagship store in Australia to pay A$1,579 for the 10th-anniversary iPhone. Bishoy Behman, the first person in line, told Reuters:

“It’s beautiful bro, what a feeling, I’m excited.”

However, Behman does not plan to keep the devices. He plans to sell them off for approximately A$3000 each, saying:

“I’m here for the profit, of course, it’s business.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted about the launch:

The company’s retail store in Sydney opened its doors moments after Apple’s quarterly earnings call. During the earnings call, Apple forecasted that its revenue for the holiday quarter would be above market expectations.

Apple also said that the pre-orders for the iPhone X show demand that is “off the charts”.

The turnaround for this launch was huge compared to the lacklustre launches for the past two years. Are you lining up at your local Apple Store on Friday morning? Let us know in the comments below!