iFixit Performs ‘X-ray Teardown’ of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Apple debuted its all-new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro last month, featuring a built-in trackpad while offering an improved typing experience via a scissor-mechanism keyboard. Today, the folks over at iFixit have shared an ‘x-ray-teardown’ of Apple’s latest keyboard accessory revealing how complex its interior actually is.

Magic Keyboard full scaled

“There is so much going on here, you might never guess that this is technically an accessory to the actual iPad Pro,” note the teardown experts. They note that scissor switches, although quite complex on their own, are the least complicated thing we can see on the Magic Keyboard.

Smart connect wiring x

Magnets x

There are large metal plates just below the keyboard, where your palms typically rest, which reinforce the keyboard body and prevent against bending. The trackpad is also different from MacBook trackpads.

“There’s more going on inside this keyboard accessory than there is in many laptops. 

Further up on the Magic Keyboard, we see not just one, but at least two spring-loaded hinge designs at the folding point. The mechanical feel of this hinge is a big part of what makes it feel so cool to use.

Finally, just a little observation about this mass of tiny magnets up by the camera cut-out: Whoa.”

You can check out more photos of the teardown over at the source page.