IKEA’s $15 TRÅDFRI Control Outlet Gains Apple HomeKit Support

Ikea tradfri wireless control outlet

If you’re looking to set up some affordable power outlets with Apple HomeKit, check out IKEA’s TRÅDFRI wireless control outlet, which costs $14.99 in Canada. An update to the IKEA TRÅDFRI iOS app yesterday has added Apple HomeKit support.

With the TRÅDFRI control outlet, you can control your lighting from your iOS devices and Apple Watch using the power of Siri, on top of access from the Home app. These outlets also support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

The TRÅDFRI iOS update also says “We updated the name of the “On or off” timer to “Light and dark.”

Last month, the $39.99 CAD TRÅDFRI gateway was updated to support Apple HomeKit, but now it appears each individual TRÅDFRI control outlet can get HomeKit access on its own. HomeKit support, on top of allowing Siri to control lights, will also let you setup scenes with other HomeKit devices as well.