Canadian Designer Imagines “Siri Sight” AR Mode in iOS 12 Concept [VIDEO]

Siri sight 3 800x466

With Apple expected to unveil iOS 12 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California next month, Canadian graphic designer Michael Calcada from York University and Sheridan College Toronto, has imagined an all-new “Siri Sight” augmented reality mode in an interesting iOS 12 concept (via MacRumors).

“As I believe augmented reality is a technology that will be fundamental to the future of digital interaction, I integrated AR into the core of the iOS experience, providing new innovative and intuitive ways to interact with your digital and physical worlds at once,” said Calcada.

The new “Siri Sight” AR mode offers overlays of useful information on stores, restaurants, transit stops, landmarks, and other points of interest, in addition to timely information such as road closures. 

Calcada’s concept also imagines a revamped grouped notifications system, improved users controls in the Camera app, a systemwide dark mode, FaceTime group chats and a general makeover to iOS.

Checkout the following video clip and share your thoughts in the comments section.