iOS 15 to Feature Redesigned iPad Home Screen, New Notification Options, and More: Bloomberg

As is tradition, Apple is developing a new wave of features and major improvements, all bundled together in iOS 15, expected later this year. Although details have been scarce of what iPhone and iPad users may expect, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has outlined that the software update will include a resigned Home Screen and Lock Screen for the iPad and new notification options.

From Gurman’s report, it appears as though a portion of iOS 15, codenamed Sky, will be designated to improving the iPad’s UI. A significant update that will be hitting Apple’s iPad will be taken straight from the iPhone. It’s said that users will be able to add customized widgets to the Home Screen. Customizable options will also be included to allow the entire Home Screen to be made up of only widgets if the user wishes.

Additionally, it appears as though iOS 15 will introduce new notification options. Gurman reports that these preferences include whether their iPhone makes a sound when receiving a notification based on the device’s status. These status categories allow the user to dictate whether they are sleeping, driving, in a meeting, etc. The notification system can be changed depending on these preferences. A custom option is said to also be introduced. Based on these statuses, users can set automatic replies to messages, akin to the current auto-reply option when driving.

Apple also appears to be developing upgrades to its iMessage. Sources told Gurman that the improvements will better align the messaging app to WhatsApp and may include features to give it a social network feel. However, details beyond that are unknown as changes are still early in development.

Finally, iOS 15 will introduce new privacy options that will enable users to see which app is collecting data in the background. As Apple has introduced the App Tracking Transparency policy, these new features seem to strengthen Apple’s stance on user privacy and protection of user data.

It’s said Apple will announce the software update during its WWDC in June. We’ll be eagerly waiting to see what else iOS 15 has in store.