iPhone 5 Silicone Case Pictures Reveal a Thinner and Tapered Design?

Yesterday we saw the release of iPhone 5 case schematics, today we see actual pictures of silicone cases themselves, according to 9to5Mac.

These cases reveal a slimmer iPhone with a tapered edge design, similar to the current iPad and previous iPhone 3G/3GS design. Considering the ergonomics of the existing iPhone 4, a taper design is easier and more comfortable to hold.

The last time we heard rumours of a tapered aluminum design came from Macotakara, and This is My Next mentioned a tear drop design. Rumours of the home button becoming larger and gesture-based have been thrown into the mix as well. Keeping track of all these rumours will make one go crazy. Let’s just wait for September to roll around!

Who wants a tapered edge design? Or do you like the existing iPhone 4 edges?